I Am the World – There are no secrets

The truth is right up my nose.
It is smack against my lips.
It peers through my eyes and screams in my ears:
“There is no more to anything…
life and death, health and happiness, love and laughter,
than what I already know right now!”

I am virtually swimming in the truth.
I cannot escape from it.
The simplicity of life is hidden in the shadows of my beliefs.
My holding to ideas does not make them truth,
it makes them reality for me.
My reality is not necessarily my truth.

I exist in a duality
But all is one,
But one is one too many, I am none,
there cannot be more or greater than none.
Infinity exists in a duality,
None is all encompassing.

Enlightenment is nowhere to be found,
it is my natural state and the essence of everything.
It is not a thing to be achieved or a target to hit.
It is everywhere and everything.

Enlightenment is the only natural way to view reality.
It cannot be forced; it is simply practical.
Myths and imagination have made it a mountain,
but it is the air I breathe, the world I live in.
It is a baby crying and a child laughing.
There is nothing hidden, there are no secrets to discover.
I am looking for what I always have been.
I am the secret I am searching for.
Give up and I will fall in.