I Am the World – The joke is on me

I am in a reality of my own creation.
I laughed as I immersed myself in this illusion of permanence.
Part of me stayed above water, part of me was submerged, which is reality?
Part of me observed the reflections
Part of me thought they were real.

There was never anyone else to blame for my predicaments.
There never was any danger, or any risk.
I can never miss out on anything,
for I am anything and everything that I create.
The joke is on me and always has been.

I have spent eons playing hide ‘n seek with myself.
I am all that is … so the joke was played by me, upon myself.
There were never any secrets to life,
there was just me overlooking the obvious.
I do not have a past or a future,
I only have this moment.
I have always been a consciousness drifting through awareness

Resistance is the cause of all my problems.
Hurt comes from giving my power of the outer world.
There is only me and my inner world,
projecting my thoughts, my mindset to create a world.
There was never any imperfection.
Everything is just as it should be and the only way it can be.
Acceptance is the key to happiness.

Whatever I am doing is perfectly correct for me.
My world is an inner world,
the outer reality is a projection, a reflection of it.