I Am the World – Now

My past is a glimpse of a magnificent dream.
It is a myth, a fairy tale.
From infinite possibilities, the past has formed the present.

My future is a fantasy,
a reassuring promise to Myself,
an attempt to fill the void of the next moment.
The future lives in infinite, unformed possibilities.

Choice creates form from the unformed,
this becomes the eternal moment.
Instantly this becomes the past,
which forever colors NOW.
The past is NOW as the infinite moment.
The future is NOW as unformed potential.

Where is this past that causes unhappiness?
My remembered past is a myth.
Where is this future I would worry about?
My imagined future is a fantasy.

There is only this eternal moment.
Through this moment floats reality.
A reality that is my state of mind.
NOW is an eternally changing reality.

NOW is the truth.
My past is a myth.
The world is a myth.
Belonging to a world, or a nation, or a group is a myth.
Belonging requires belief in a structure somewhere,
but there is no somewhere, there is no anywhere.
Reality is whatever I experience as this infinite NOW