I Am the World – My face is facing me

I am not my personality….
I am not my body…
I am not my past…
I am what I focus upon.
I am what I immerse yourself in.

To me, my face can only be seen as a reflected image.
My real face, my reality, is facing me.
Want to see what I am?
Look at what I am experiencing!
My face is staring straight back at me.

From my point of view, from where I look out into the world,
from that dark hole called ‘head’, I have no face.
My face is not what I reflect,
it is the image that I believe others see as me.
My true face is what I am experiencing.
My face is the images and impressions,
the smells, sounds and feelings before me at any moment.
The things that are in my face is the state of my world.

My reality is facing me.
Everything I call real is felt from within.
Every impression, every occurrence is myself.
My being is what I am feeling.
The world is not felt by my senses.
My senses create my impression of the world.

I am all faces as they appear before me.
I have no face,
I am a consciousness projecting outward through my senses.
I am the darkness, the nothingness,
a void peering through the mask of my senses.

The world is wherever I am.
Reality is created by my reactions to what I observe.
This creates my next situation.
I am a witness to my own reality.

Everything I observe is equal in value,
only my response gives it a value.
Everything I observe is a hologram,
played out on the screen of my senses.
Thoughts give personal value to my observations.