I Am the World – I am

I am nothing, I am neither the past nor the future.
I am nowhere, I am neither in nor out, up nor down.
I have no dimensions and no shape.
I am the totality of everything.
I am the singular whole, duality is the illusion I create.
I am… I AM,
From this comes polarity and reality.

I am the void from which was born all opposites.
Opposites are divisions,
when they are reunited,
I AM is all that remains.
Duality creates the illusion of separateness.
Separateness creates the illusion of reality.
I am living as a duality but centered in a non-duality.

I AM dog and God, Buddha and baby,
Christ and rice, the earth and my neighbor.
I am the highest and the lowest.
I AM is complete.
I AM is the truth, from which all other truth arises.

I AM consciousness, I AM awareness, I AM God…
I AM whatever I believe I AM at that moment.
I have no purpose, no direction, no place to go… I AM.
I AM playing within my own creation.

I am the center of my universe.
I am my universe!
I am the creator of my world.
All that I experience and express is unique to me.

I am the greatest and I am the least.
I am the sacred and the cursed,
the beautiful and the ugly,
the weak and the strong.
I am all, there is nothing more.