I Am the World – I am what I believe

Every aspect of my life is me.
I am as divine as the most spiritual
and as wicked as the meanest.

My outside is my inside.
My health, my relationships, my wealth,
everything is who I am.
I am never more or less than I experience.

If I want to change what I see,
then I must change what I believe.
There is no escaping my essential self.
I am the world before myself.

When I am at the same frequency of something,
then I am that something.
When I am that something,
I see it as a reality.
Reality reflects my thoughts.

I cannot chase something to become it.
I must feel it to be it!
By seeking, I imply separation.
I must be it to see it.

The seeking of enlightenment,
is the continual projection into the future,
implying that I will find it later.
I am already the truth of life.
Sit still, it is in my face.