I Am the World – I am the creator

I am my life.
My experiences are myself.
My thoughts are commands, sent into the eternal formlessness.
They are faithfully fulfilled as form.
I am what I think.
My world is my beliefs.

I am the designer of my own situations.
I have the power to create a heaven or hell.
Nothing in the outer world is responsible for what I encounter.
I am the maker of my personal experiences.
I can only bring before me what I am.

Doubts and fears tagged onto hopes and dreams,
cause them to appear only partially fulfilled.
Hold to my ideals and life becomes an ever-changing miracle.
I am where I placed myself.
I am in a world of my own creation.

I stand alone with my thoughts and feelings.
I cannot be the creator of any life but my own.
I cannot help anyone.

I refuse to be anything less than I want to be,
there is no need to compromise.
I am true to my feelings and true to my heart.
I will create a world that is perfect, perfect for me.