I Am the World – I am free

The outside world cannot set me free.
Nothing I buy or possess can give me freedom.
Only I, have the power to set myself free.

My judgements make deeds naughty or nice.
I have created every restriction and every freedom.
I set the rules,
I am the lawmaker,
I am the believer.

Existence is impartial,
it is the neutral fabric that I paint my life upon.
Nothing has any value until I judge it.

I am free,
Free to create, free to destroy.
I am free to create peace or problems, limits or liberty.
I bind myself by accepting the outer world as my guide.
I can only blame myself for what I see as reality.
My beliefs are my choice and my truth.

Freedom comes from inside.
Freedom is knowing I am the creator of my universe,
Freedom is knowing I am perfectly safe in this world.
Freedom is knowing everything is exactly as it should be.
Freedom is knowing I can never miss out on anything.

Let life dance through my moments fearlessly and recklessly.
Then I know the freedom that is my true nature.

I am reality, I let go and watch it dance to my passions.