I Am the World – God is fun

If I love what I am doing, I am having fun.
When I am doing what I love, I am having fun.
Any other way is unnatural.
God, fun, is expansive, open, creative, spontaneous.
I can never have enough fun.
God is good, fun is good, god is fun.
Fun is natural.

Life is my fun park, my playground.
God, fun is the essence of this great game.
It is the stuff that is my existence.
I am what I exist within.
I am that essence; I cannot exist outside of it.
This essence is my play stuff.
I am free to use this essence to create fun, adventure,
A life full of the things I love,
Things that are fun to me.

I am free to do whatever within this essence.
If I create what makes me feel good, which is natural, then it is fun.
Then life is good, naturally.

Reality is fun, naturally.
If my life is not fun, then I am living unnaturally.
Fun is only natural.