I Am the World – I Exist

Is everything I experience a play around me
and through me
and for me
and because of me?

Is enlightenment simply the realization that reality is me?

I am an awareness…
a consciousness…
a mindfulness…
an observer….
a witness of what is occurring before me.

No matter what I do,
there remains a part of me that is detached,
but always aware, a silent witness.
A witness to a constantly changing reality,
a fluid existence called life.

I exist and I am aware of my own being.
I exist, I can’t speak for anyone else,
I only know from my point of view.
I exist and I cannot imagine not existing.
I exist in sleep,
I exist in unconsciousness,
I exist in daydreams.

Maybe everybody else also exists
or maybe they are only fleeting images across my consciousness,
no matter… I exist.

I always am,
I always have been,
I always will be.

I cannot imagine existence without me.
I cannot imagine emptiness,
a place devoid of awareness.
To imagine emptiness is to observe it,
I am the observer, the silent witness.

I exist as an outward expression called a body,
behind that, in the stillness of my mind,
I, the watcher exists in silence, in timelessness.
I exist as the eternal observer, the immortal witness.

Myself, the ceaseless awareness cannot die,
I cannot disappear,
I cannot not exist.